About Us

Something about what we do is different than how other review and product idea companies do it. When it comes to a lot of companies and gift ideas and reviews, there are a number of paid interested. Interests that are paid for by the companies running the publications, or sometimes influenced by the products themselves.

We are different in that nobody pays for our reviews and that when it comes to gift ideas, our ideas are completely unique. We run all of our product tests with grit and as unbiased as possible. Since we are not sent these items, we use our own money and therefore are as brutal as possible when it comes to what we write about the product.

Knowing who to trust

You never know who you can trust in terms of reviews and where to buy products. There are so many influences tugging on the arm of reviewers that it is hard to find out which information you can trust. The best way to find out what to buy and where to buy it is finding a site that you can always trust, that is not ever paid by product reviews, and that is always on the side of the customer.