Kantu Lentz’s Perfect Journey feat. Moses Storm // TUMI x Tribeca Film Festival

Moses Storm is a young stand-up comedian who best thrives on stage. But in between each stage there are a million and one things that can go wrong, and as luck sometimes goes, they do. Nevertheless, Moses finds a way to overcome the obstacles with humor and joie de vivre. He finds the moments that make an ordinary experience extraordinary, when normal life is interrupted by surprise, and where for for a moment, if we are paying attention, we can be lifted out of the repetition of the routine. This is Moses Storm’s perfect journey.

Kantu Lentz is a Peruvian filmmaker with an inclination to create love stories that take place in alternate realities and include elements of magical realism. Her projects include the short “Struck by Her,” about an electric girl whose touch turns people into ashes, “Up Here,” about people who float when they fall in love, and “Rollercoaster Break-up,” a comedy video that went viral. Kantu is currently working on the second season of the Netflix original show “Ingobernable,” which is shot in Mexico and the US, while simultaneously developing her first feature, which will be shot in Peru.

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